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About us

My name is Nerdiq and I come from Dreamlandia!

My passion for Mathematics started when I was a schoolboy. Back then I could do sums and solve equations for hours. I kept on trying to invent new formulas. Figures and numbers enchanted me by their mysterious and austere beauty.

At the same time I organized a mathematical competition together with my friends; the aim was to do sums in the fastest possible way. We spent every break between lessons competing against each other!

One by one, our classmates joined us and by the end of the year the whole school was obsessed with doing sums during breaks. With time, tasks developed and became more complicated; the competition jelled in a more complex shape and turned into a school tournament consisting of several tours and levels. Every student of the school dreamt of winning the tournament – it was the greatest honor.

School ended, but my passion for mathematics remained as real as ever. This was then that I decided to move our math tournament to the next level – beyond the school building into the real world. My friends were enthusiastic about this idea, too, and so we started developing our dream project with great diligence and eagerness. It was fall 2014 when we finally solved the most complicated equation ever and launched our MathandMind project!

MathAndMind is an online math game where you get an opportunity to solve 10 math tasks every day. Every correct answer earns you 1 point. Your goal is to score as many points as possible and become a Math champion! Remember, though: you can’t use a calculator while playing!

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