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Where am I? Who are you?

Math And Mind is an online math game where you get an opportunity to solve 10 math tasks every day. Every correct answer earns you 1 point. Your goal is to score as many points as possible and become a Math champion!

Apart from solving Math puzzles, you can read news, history and math facts. You can also take part in the competition with other players and invite friends to receive additional points.

How to subscribe to Math And Mind?

You can subscribe on the homepage of our website.

Why have I stopped getting emails?

If you have stopped receiving our emails, try the following steps:

  • Add our email address to your address book.
  • Check your spam/junk folder, and if you find any of our emails there, mark them as “not spam”.
  • If all of the above doesn’t help, please send us a message via the contact form.

I haven’t received any emails. Can I play without an email?

Yes, you can click the link in any of the old emails. Or you can follow the direct link to the website and log in there using your email address.

How can I play more and never miss any games?

Make sure you click the links in all of our emails. The more active you are, the stronger our relationship is and the more guarantee there is that you will receive all bonus emails and offers.

The website says that this email already exists. What to do?

Click “Sign in” and get access to your rating, score, and games.