4 Cool Ideas of How You Can Use Spirograph Patterns

Remember the Spirograph set from your childhood? Read our new article to re-live the fun experience and learn a bunch of trivia facts and how to make amazing home décor items using Spirograph patterns.
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4 Cool Ideas of How You Can Use Spirograph Patterns

Most everyone had a magical – or at least it seemed so then – Spirograph set in his/her childhood! Therefore, we’ve decided to devote this article to fantastic and beautiful Spirograph patterns to re-live your childhood experience. Spirograph patterns will fascinate you even if it’s the first time you hear about the Spirograph and Spiro art. So, let’s explore this amazing kind of art together!

What’s a Spirograph toy?

Roughly speaking, the Spirograph is a device that creates special curves that are called hypotrochoids and epitrochoids. The Spirograph is a relatively new invention – it was created by Denys Fisher, a British engineer, in 1965. If you had a Spirograph set when you were little, you may remember that the toy generally consists of several cogged roulettes that resemble pinions. There are also two cogged rings and a cogged bar. The mechanism of creating a Spirograph pattern is rather simple:

  1. Pin cogged rings/bars to a sheet of paper
  2. Take a roulette
  3. Take a colored pen and place it through one of the holes of the roulette
  4. Move the roulette along the inside or outside of the cogged ring/bar
  5. Enjoy your Spirograph pattern!
Spirograph set

Why is it useful?

It may seem that the Spirograph can be used for your entertainment only; however, if you are crazy about handmade items, the set can prove to be very helpful! You can use it to:

  • Create a greeting card – the easiest way to show someone that you care is to give them a handmade greeting card! You can create fantastic birthday cards or unique wedding invitation cards – you are only limited by your imagination!

  • Create a picture – you can easily create a unique picture or poster if you transfer a Spirograph pattern to a canvas. Use acrylic or oil paints to add color to your drawing.
  • Decorate a T-shirt or a cushion – if you have a simple white T-shirt/cushion, you can use a Spirograph pattern to create a cool design! Be sure to use fabric paints!
  • Decorate a mug or a plate – use non-toxic paint markers to add color to a Spirograph pattern transferred to your favorite mug or plates.

Have fun bringing these ideas to life!

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