Decorating Your Home with Math

We’ve already told you about the mathematical approach to taking loans.
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Decorating Your Home with Math

Let’s say you take a loan for home decorating, math proves to be helpful in this matter as well.

From a practical point of view, it’s very important to be able to calculate areas. This skill will help you understand how much paint or wallpaper you need to freshen up your room. Or, perhaps, you’d like to buy new tiles for your bathroom or kitchen. Changing your ceiling or floor molding will require the knowledge of how to calculate perimeters.

Decorating your home

From a more subtle approach, math can help you choose ideal furniture and perfect colors for your home. The golden ratio of 1 to 1.618 is the basis of beauty in art. For example, an ideally proportioned table is two-thirds longer than it is wide. While choosing colors, make sure that the basic color takes 60% of the room, a slightly darker one – 30%, and a contrast color – 10%.

Next, we’ll tell you about the connection between math and music.

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