Home Robots to Monitor Our Health

Learn more about Pillo, a home health robot that helps manage health issues wisely, reminds to take pills or vitamins in time, and answers questions like “How many calories in Romanesco?”
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Home Robots to Monitor Our Health

It’s February which means that the flu season is already upon us! It seems only natural that we do our best not to catch a cold when it’s so chilly outside. We generally rely on vitamins that boost our immune system. Since people are so enthusiastic about maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, meds have become an integral part of our life. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to have a health companion that would help you manage your health wisely, remind you to take your pills or vitamins in time, or answer your questions like “How many calories in Romanesco?” We have wonderful news for you as such a companion will be available soon, and it’s going to be a revolution in pharmacy!

What is a personal home health robot?

To be honest, to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be rather time-consuming so taking morning vitamins often slips our mind. However, the easy-to-overlook detail will be eliminated very soon! Pillo, a healthcare robot companion will help you ensure you or your loved ones will never miss taking pills or vitamins. The main feature of this friendly robot is that it can gather information from various sources. Eventually, it learns more about households’ lifestyle and health so it is always ready to give you or your family members personal advice. Besides, it’s constantly updating its database so that you could always get a qualified recommendation!

What can a personal home health robot do?

Health robot carrying a pill

Pillo can do a lot of things:

  • it can answer questions about health,
  • manage one’s medicine,
  • order prescription refills,
  • contact one’s doctor in case of a problem,
  • synchronize with one’s wearables,
  • recognize one’s voice and face.

All these characteristics and functionalities make Pillo a real, caring family member!

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