Math for Traveling

We’ve already told you about the importance of math in cooking.
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Math for Traveling

And cooking is not the only sphere of life that calls for the basic knowledge of math.

We bet you didn’t know how often you use it when traveling!

•    Calculating the cost. If you travel by car, you need to know the distance and how much fuel you need to cover that distance. While traveling by air, you need to know more than just airplane ticket cost. One has to keep in mind that taxes, fees, and baggage costs should be added.

Math for traveling

•    Calculating the time to prepare for the trip. You wouldn’t want to miss your flight for the lack of organizational skills! Think how much time you need to get to the airport, add two hours that you need to be there before the flight, and whatever last-minute preparations you need before your departure.

•    Calculating the time back home. When you’ve already reached your destination, you may need to call home. But is it an appropriate time for a call? The knowledge of math and time zones will help you to do that.

Next time, we’ll tell you about understanding loans.

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