Math in the Garden

Math is everywhere! And it's never late to explore all spheres it reveals itself in.
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Math in the Garden

Earlier, we told you about the connection between math and music. Now, let’s see how math can be applied in the garden.

Garden is a perfect place to apply one’s math skills outside of the classroom. Here, mathematical concepts can be found in many ways: from finding perimeters and areas to observing symmetry and shapes.

First of all, you’ll need to determine the layout depending on the shape and size of your garden. It’s important to remember that some vegetables should be planted in rows, and others are planted in a square or rectangular bed. The dimensions must be observed as well, as each plant requires a certain space for growing.

Planting corn

Math can also help you estimate the planting expenses. You’ll need to take many aspects into account, such as measuring the garden plot, calculating how many vegetables you can grow there, how many packets of seeds you need to buy for this plot and their cost.  

Now that you know how to apply math in your garden, we’ll move on to mathematics in sports. See you next time!

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