Mathematics and Sports

Earlier, we told you about the way that math can be applied in your garden.
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Mathematics and Sports

Now you know how to apply your math skills in your garden, and it's time to discover it's connection to sports.

The sports world is full of data on players, teams, and leagues, which is closely connected to mathematics.

•    You’ll need to brush up your lessons on decimals to find batting average.
•    Understanding percent is absolutely required to calculate winning percentage.

•    The NBA draft lottery makes use of numerous mathematical concepts, such as probability, factorials, combinations, and outcomes.
•    Sports statistics are summarized with the help of tables and graphs.

Tennis ball
•    The knowledge of geometry is necessary to predict the trajectory of a bounced ball. For example in tennis, to get the ball over the net, it’s necessary to measure the perfect angle depending on the height and distance on the court.

No matter whether you are a sportsperson or just a fan, the knowledge of mathematics is a great help!
Next time, you’ll find out about the connection between mathematics and literature.

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